Which Asian countries highly support cryptocurrencies?


  • Korea: where the crypto trading volume is even higher than stock trading volume.
    • Korea  Upbit  거래소  –  10.97M, $4.358 billions (24h trading volume)
  • India: despite people love of gold, now they’re into the new digital gold and pouring billions of dollars into crypto. The largest crypto exchange Wazirx is welcoming nearly 10 million visits per month.
    • India WazirX 10.128M monthly visits, $103M (24h trading volume)
  • Indonesia: the largest crypto exchange Indodax even has more visitors each month than the largest crypto mate in India, while India population is five times of Indonesia one
  • Japan: the home of the first largest crypto exchange Mt.Gox, also home of the current largest crypto exchange Binance for a while.
  • Thailand
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