The 2021 Global DeFi Adoption: Asians dominate Top 7 with Vietnam, Thailand, China, India

According to a newest global DEFI report from Chainalysis, there are four countries in Asia make it to the top 10 most DEFi adopted countries.

  • No.  2: Vietnam
  • No. 3: Thailand
  • No. 4: China
  • No. 6: India

What stands out here is that unlike with our Crypto Adoption Index, many of the countries ranking highest in grassroots DeFi adoption are those with high raw volumes of cryptocurrency value moved, both currently and historically. These tend to be middle to high-income countries or countries with already-developed cryptocurrency markets, and in particular strong professional and institutional markets. Standout countries exemplifying these trends are the United States, China, Vietnam, the UK, and several other Western European countries that rank high on the DeFi Adoption Index.


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