Top 12 highest paid fee blockchains


Statistics Chart by Consensys

According to Consensys,

he pie chart on the left shows that in Q1 2021, Ethereum’s total fees were double that of the Bitcoin blockchain. The leading AMM, Uniswap took nearly half the fees of Bitcoin, which accrue to the liquidity providers of various tokens. On other DEXs, like Curve, a portion of these fees actually accrue to the treasury fund itself. In the future, users might be distributed these fees based on the amount of tokens they hold, or their treasuries could be utilized to buyback tokens on the open market. They can also accrue to the value of the DeFi asset itself.

  1. Ethereum

  2. Bitcoin

  3. Uniswap

  4. Others

  5. SushiSwap

  6. Compound

  7. Balancer

  8. KeeperDao

  9. AAVE

  10. Tokenlon

  11. Bancor

  12. 1Inch


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